A List Of Interesting English Dissertation Topics You Could Explore

The field of English dissertation is full of possibilities. There are so many subjects and topics that can be intensely argued over; each of them rich in their research potential. Here is an interesting list of 10 topics which can be explored for English dissertation.

  1. James Joyce, a modernist master or a writer soaked in vanity? Many of Joyce’s colleagues have found Ulysses and Finnegans Wake the toughest works of fiction. The boundary of his literature is unsurpassed but unlike his advocates like Ezra Pound and Samuel Beckett, there are others like Virginia Woolf and D.H.Lawrence who felt his literature was a shame.
  2. Dissertation help services should work on whether writers should be made to feel responsible towards their role as climate-keepers? Great modern writers like Ian McEwan and Amitav Ghosh have felt the need to be more responsible towards the climate in their writing. As we move towards the worst phase of global warming, they feel it is the job of well-published writers to spread awareness.
  3. Is the Nietzsche theory of eternal loop a dread or a relief? Many metaphysicists have successfully (and otherwise) argued over Nietzsche’s belief that we are caught in an eternal loop of life where the same events will keep happening to us in every life. Milan Kundera has also written on the theme and so have many other prominent writers.
  4. Should we have a greater share of books on magical realism? Dissertations online should discuss it. While magical realism has spawned from every corner of Latin America, there is a feeling that the entire world is not participating in it. Yes, there are animal realists like Ben Okri in Africa but there should be greater volume of material for reader consumption.
  5. Are we not neglecting the poets in our bid to over-glorify prose writers? Why are the Pablo Nerudas or Thomas Hardys not given their due?
  6. Should archaic English be reintroduced in some form or the other? This can be an interesting topic given that Chaucerian English could still offer so much to the syntactic growth of modern language. If Joyce is okay then so can be Chaucer (bad reasoning perhaps).
  7. Should we advocate Orwell’s Newspeak more? Unbad is good and unbad plus is very good. Yes, this is the world in which Orwell set 1984 but the great experiment of language has been finding a lesser number of takers over the last 50 years.
  8. Should historical works be released from the chain of historical writing style? Why can’t we have more of William Dalrymples and Dominique Lapierres? A thesis writer will love this piece.
  9. Why should historical contexts be always morphed to give an upper hand to the Occidentals (rather than Orientals when they merit it)?
  10. Should Post modernists be given the freedom to completely separate themselves from modernists or is it an unshakeable baggage?

Now, when you are seeking custom dissertation services, ponder quietly over the topic and think if it is enriching enough.