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Your dissertation proposal may vary based on the institution you are attending. It is not a stringent guideline that you are required to write a proposal but it is a helpful exercise. Your supervisor is bound to make a mental note of the fact that you prepared something for him despite it not being a hard and fast rule.

Easy Proposal Writing Steps

Certain institutes assess the dissertation proposal formally while others don’t

There are courses that assess the proposal of dissertation writing and it is included in the final submission. Ideally, the thesis proposal is kept between 500 and 1000 words in length but again this is not written in stone.

What does a dissertation proposal try to establish?

Any reputable dissertation help online will tell you that a dissertation proposal aims to establish what the thesis paper is actually about. The proposal highlights how you will be approaching your dissertation and what methodology you will be adopting. Will the methodology aim to create empirical evidence for the theoretical work in question or will it be non-empirical in nature?

What questions are you looking to solve through your thesis?

Next, you must introduce the questions you will engage in answering in your thesis paper. There are many points and counterpoints you will cite with references and citations in your thesis paper. How you propose to go about the job and to what extent are you going to proceed with your final take on a sub-topic? To explain, there are times you will want to say that Ian McEwan thinks this about a particular subject (citation needed) but Martin Amis thinks otherwise (citation needed) and leave it at that. At other times, you will want to give your say on the matter which will be final. So, what is the way in which you will decide to engage in the enquiry? It is important to talk about beforehand to your supervisor.

What will be its contribution to your research community?

Also, your supervisor or assessor will like to know what may be the positive impact of your dissertation paper and how it may contribute to the existing research pool of your academic community. If you seek thesis help, you will need to know if the team of writer you are trusting are choosing a relevant topic for you. Every academic community has certain aspirations and your supervisor will be quite precise in acknowledging if the topic you are thinking of is relevant or not.

Your supervisor, once he goes through the proposal, will not only be able to give you a general feedback but also give you inputs on the tone, style, and scope of your project. He will talk through experience and thus his guidance will be invaluable. Ensure that you are not working on the extremes and that you adopt a balanced view of the task at hand.

Timeframe of dissertation completion

Any custom thesis writing service will tell you that the research idea that you are thinking for the dissertation proposal must not have more than 3 objectives or else it may be categorised as too broad. Sharing with your supervisor a timeframe for the completion of the thesis paper is also important. Offer him a concept map and tell him in what time period do you propose to complete all the separate parts of the job.