10 Essential APA Dissertation Formatting Instructions

APA stands for the American Psychological Association and its format style is used in fields of education, psychology and sociology. There are a set of regulations related to how an APA format is produced. It is not an easy job and you must be sincere enough in executing it yourself. In case, you are taking help from a thesis writing team, you should speak beforehand about the formatting they will use. There are other formats like MLA and Chicago and Harvard and one should not be confused with the other.

  1. While we are on the subject, let us take a look at 10 important formatting instructions of APA. The Title Page of any APA, without exception, must have a Page Number, Running Head, Article Title, affiliation of author and his name. The Running Head and the Page Number should be on the top left and top right hand corner of the Title Page. The title itself should be on the upper half of the page and be centered precisely between margins.
  2. The title you use must be concise, precise and reader-engaging. It should give your reader an idea of what may follow through the article. If you are asking somebody, “kindly write my dissertation”, remember to ask them how they will work on the formatting of the title page.
  3. While writing a title stay away from using any word that is a mere wordplay and does not add meaning to the title itself.
  4. All the sources you have used for writing your thesis paper must be cited. This is why in-text citations and Bibliography are so important. As per regulation, the page of reference is created at the end of an APA paper.
  5. The title reference is to be created at the top margin. Quotation marks, Italics and Underlines are not used for reference pages.
  6. References should use hanging indentation. The first line should be at the extreme left but all the other lines that follow must be carefully indented. All the words belonging to the title should be Capitalised.
  7. If you have used the same author for references many number of times, ensure that you cite the author multiple times, beginning with the reference that is the oldest leading to the most recent one.
  8. Tables are very well suited to the structure of APA format. Whether your thesis paper deals with some significant quantitative date or some analytical stat, there are tables which you must use. But how? Best dissertation writers will tell you that tables should always be numbered. Vertical lines should not be used at all in APA tables.
  9. It should be duly noted that everything you mention in the table need not be in the text. The table just supplements the text, it does not copy it.
  10. Any thesis maker online will tell you to use a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) whenever possible. It is because if the URLs change, only an alphanumeric string can help you connect with the citation.

Hopefully, these points will help you in befriending the APA format and you do not feel too afraid of it anymore. For more information we advise you to check My Dissertation Team