Unique Dissertation Topics with a Writing Guide

The dissertation topic you select could determine the treatment your research would receive in the academic space. It is assumed that your topic determines how abreast you are with the subject area or research field. This shows how your theme can make or unmake your dissertation. In the article, we will take you through numerous examples of dissertation topics for your consideration.

Guide to choosing a dissertation topic

Some measures need to be put in please when selecting a subject for your academic work. As a student, you need to select something that;

  1. Inspires and interests you

A dissertation takes a long time to complete. So imagine choosing something you aren’t into? It would breed boredom and even dissatisfaction as time goes on. Hence, the topic you select should inspire you, or you must have a great interest in it.

  1. Unique or brings new perspectives

The relevance of every research work is how unique it is or builds up an existing hypothesis. Therefore, your dissertation topic should be about sometime new or a field that has not attracted much attention. You can also decide to contribute to existing research by using a different approach.

  1. Relevant to your field of study

No one would want to read academic work, which has no relevance to our current dispensation. Before you choose a topic, ask yourself, how relevant is this? Can it have enough backing? Does it contribute to your field of research? If the answer is positive, then you are good to go.

  1. Ask yourself some critical questions

Some questions beg for answers as soon as you begin the selection process. What issue do you want to address, is there enough sources/literature to develop your views, what new does the topic bring to the research. You should answer all these questions before you start.

List of Dissertation topic

Now that you know how to go about choosing your topic, let’s go through some examples.

Law and Justice

  • British laws regarding the IT sector in Singapore
  • US, UK, and China in the light of economic takeovers
  • A study on modern credit fraud cases


  • Influence of Montessori Schools on the pre-school system
  • Why should English language classes be part of the MBA and Business Management courses?
  • Sex-based schools: pros and cons


  • Religion influences on Victorian times architecture
  • The way social architecture should be promoted


  • The current phenomenon in smartphones excessive use
  • The impact of modern diets on low self-esteem and depression
  • Should companies hire psychologists to lessen workplace stress?


  • The connection between education and religion in the Middle East
  • Post World War II Changes in Educational policies
  • Roles immigrants play in British culture


  • British vs. American voting systems
  • The hidden role of Brexit
  • What it takes to become a ruling class in the UK
  • Religion and politics in the UK
  • Has democracy promoted equality for all social groups?